Currently living in Florida? Are you serious about getting in shape and feeling better? Looking for a personal Pilates trainer? If so, then why don’t you consider a Pilates Method in Winter Park? There are a number of Pilates Method centers in Winter Park, Florida these days, each offering a Pilates program for those who wish to get in shape and feel better.

Perhaps what is best about the Pilates Method in Winter Park is that the fitness centers treat their customer as an individual person with individual needs and goals. The Pilates programs are much more than great workouts for the fact that they incorporate the musculoskeletal, nutrition and lifestyle assessment to ensure the success of your Pilates program.

I have here below two of the well-known centers offering Pilates Method in Winter Park. Note that these are just two of the popular fitness centers offering the Pilates Method in Winter Park, Florida, but I think they are good enough for you to get started. So, if you have time, try to visit them and know what they really offer.

The Bougainvillea Clinique

Founded by Jeffrey M. Hartog, M.D. and Michelle Hartog R.N. as the ideal hub for individuals who want to look and feel their best, The Bougainvillea Clinique provides not only the authentic Pilates Method of body conditioning but also cosmetic surgery and other health and beauty services in private, comfortable and safe environment. As maintained, all of their health and beauty services are all aimed at one thing, that is, to make you look and feel your best.

What is best about this center offering the Pilates Method in Winter Park is that it is managed by Michelle Hartog R.N. herself, a fully certified trainer in the original and authentic method of Pilates, which has long been deemed as ideal for body conditioning. Also, at this center, an extensive 600-hour apprenticeship is required which include three practical examinations and a comprehensive written examination. The Bougainvillea Clinique now offers private, semi-private and group training sessions by appointment as part of their Pilates Method in Winter Park service.

MatWorkz Pilates Studio

MatWorkz Pilates Studio is but another well-known fitness center offering Pilates Method in Winter Park, Florida. This studio is dedicated to Joseph Pilate’s exercise for a lifetime and the Gyrotonic Expansion System. These systems are both offered by MatWorkz knowing that they both promote body conditionings that are designed to develop strength, flexibility and joint range of motion.

As a notable center offering the Pilates Method in Winter Park, MatWorkz strongly upholds its main goal which is to produce a lean, balanced and properly aligned physique by way of engaging both mind and body. It is further interesting to know that this company is now managed and run by the most trusted and most sought after Pilates teachers in central Florida. What’s more, this center, aside from offering the Pilates Method in Winter Park, has also developed and implemented an intensive certification process under the watchful eye of Romana Kryzanowska, the devoted student and close friend of Joseph Pilates.