How To Do Pilates Reformer Exercises

Pilates Reformer exercises are the exercises you do on a Reformer, otherwise known as a Pilates machine. If you’ve taken Pilates classes or exercised at home with a video or DVD, you may have never done actual Pilates Reformer exercises before.

If you can find classes in your area that offer you the use of the Reformer, consider giving them a try. Joseph Pilates designed the Reformer to give the ultimate workout with few repetitions in a short amount of time. There really is no comparison the Pilates Reformer exercises.

You can still get all the benefits of Pilates if you simply do the movements that mimic those one can do you on the Reformer. This is the type of Pilates most classes teach, and that you’ve done if you’ve ever done Pilates with an at home recorded workout.

But doing Pilates Reformer exercises is like doing twice as many Pilates movements on your own. The intensity is greater, and the movements are being doing exactly as they were intended when you’re on a machine. The high cost of Reformers is the biggest reason many areas don’t offer classes that use Pilates machines.

The Reformer is a unique type of exercise machine. It uses straps, pulleys and springs, and has a sliding platform that allows you to use the weight of your own body as resistance. Many different exercise machines made today use a similar setup, but the Pilates Reformer was the first machine designed quite that way.

Over 100 original Pilates exercises can be performed on one machine, which is an amazing number. And the design of the Pilates Reformer is such that you get the full benefit of each movement in every stage, whether you’re pushing or pulling. No matter what kind of Pilates Reformer exercises you’re doing, your muscles are being toned throughout the entire movement.

Using resistance bands or other resistance equipment during Pilates workouts is a popular way to offer some of the resistance benefits of a Pilates machine, but if you can find classes or a studio that offers Pilates Reformer exercises you might want to take advantage of it.

Pilates Reformers can be purchased for home use today. When they were fairly new, only celebrities and the very wealthy could own a Pilates machine. Now, they make them to fit every budget, and a good, used Reformer is something you might be able to find. A new Reformer will probably cost somewhere around $3,000, so if you find one for $200, be wary of the quality of the machine, even if it’s used.

If you’d like to try a Reformer but there aren’t any classes that offer the exercise in your area, look into private Pilates instruction. These sessions usually involve a Pilates machine, and can help you determine if one is a good investment.

After you try it, you might decide that your regular Pilates movements will do until Reformer classes are available. Keep watching, as new classes offering Pilates Reformer exercises are cropping up in most areas.

Joint Discomfort Has No Age

(ARA) – It can happen at any time and at any age. Strenuous activity, whether from jogging, a set of tennis or even gardening, can cause joint stiffness and discomfort, limiting range of motion and decreasing mobility among younger people as well as those who are more mature.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are several ways to keep joints healthy and flexible so that you can continue to enjoy favorite activities.

Although many people have relied on analgesics, which only offer temporary relief, there are natural supplements that can offer long term benefits and help to promote healthier joints. Two nutrients in specific — glucosamine and chondroitin — have been shown to improve the structure and function of joints and cartilage. Both are nutrients that occur naturally in the body. Glucosamine helps the body to manufacture the building blocks of cartilage and help keep cartilage lubricated and maintain its slippery texture. Chondroitin helps attract and hold fluid in the cartilage, inhibiting the activity of harmful enzymes that break down cartilage.

As our bodies age, the ability to produce some of the nutrients necessary for cartilage building declines. That’s where nutritional supplementation can help. In a 1999 study, the combination of glucosamine and chondroitin was effective in preventing the progression of cartilage loss.

Today, there is a wide variety of glucosamine and chondroitin nutritional supplements available. Osteo Bi-Flex, for instance, is one of the most popular and carries the distinction of being the nutritional supplement most doctors recommend for joint health.* Additionally, it offers a complete range of dosage forms and formulas to suit every preference, including exclusive smaller, easier-to-swallow caplets, a unique triple strength formulation for convenience, popular softgels, a fast-acting formula and great tasting soft fruit chews. There’s even a specialized Osteo Bi-Flex formula designed to meet the joint care needs of high-performance activity.

Although there is no “magic bullet” to alleviate the discomfort and stiffness associated with joint problems, to get the greatest benefit from the use of nutritional supplements whatever your age, you should follow a program involving several lifestyle changes:

Shed extra pounds to reduce stress on your joints. Your health care provider can give you tips on the best ways to trim calories and inches.

Begin a regular exercise program. Although many people believe that exercise can “wear out” joints, the truth is that regular exercise promotes joint comfort by increasing the flow of fluids to the cartilage and strengthening the structures surrounding the joints. Exercise at a comfortable, steady pace. Know your body’s signals and don’t over-exert yourself.

Learn to lift properly, using your legs instead of your back. Lift and carry smaller objects in the palm of your hand instead of with your fingers, and when possible, slide objects instead of lifting them.

Maintain good posture. When standing, keep legs shoulder-distance apart for balance and support, tuck your buttocks in and keep your shoulders back. When sitting, use a small pillow to support your lower back if necessary, and keep your hips, knees and feet at 90-degree angles.

Move. Don’t stay in one position for too long. Shift your weight and stretch occasionally to keep joints from becoming stiff.

Use a pillow that supports your neck to reduce stress around the neck and shoulders while sleeping.

The Arthritis Foundation also recommends incorporating relaxation into your daily routine to help relieve both mental and physical stress. Deep breathing, meditation or “guided imagery” tapes are commonly used methods. Finding a relaxation technique that works for you is a highly personal decision, but the rewards of making relaxation part of your routine are plentiful.

6 Tips For Preventing Common Sports Injuries Before They Happen

Engaging in any sports which challenges your muscles and endurance can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. However, one risk that is common among active athletes is sports injuries in Melbourne which no one does not care for. After all, being restricted by injuries is not something any sports enthusiast would want.

Fortunately, the circumstance can be avoided in its entirety if you are careful about the training guidelines and abide by proper preventive measures. Granted injuries are an unavoidable part of sports but placing some efficient avoidance techniques while you can decrease your injury vulnerable state significantly.

Sports injuries are typically triggered due to overuse or injury. Of the two causes, overuse is the most typical injury reported by professional athletes when they see an osteopath in Melbourne  for treatment.

Here are some suggestions that ought to help you avoid common sports injuries

Give due importance to physical fitness

While professional athletes understand the significance of physical fitness, kids and grownups who play sports of any kind delicately plunge into the play with no adequate training. Contrary to popular opinion, a game does not make you fit. You have to have right exercise and fitness to play without succumbing to injuries. While sports physiotherapists assist treat mild to moderate injuries, for extreme injuries, you might require surgical and prolonged rehabilitation treatment.

Hone your technique

When you practice inaccurate strategies, you are most likely to be injured. Injuries during resistance training are the typical examples.

Tamping down the overzealous maneuvers and concentrating on the exact strategy is the method to be free of injury and improve your performance.

Equip yourself with the right sports gear

Helmets, gloves, mouth guards, protective pads, and other sports equipment are readily available for every single sports gamer. Sports equipment are created to supply excellent security. Make sure you use gear that is specified for the sport you are involved in.

Give your body ample opportunity to rest and recover

Rest is essential for regular training in any sport. It avoids cumulative damage triggered to your body damaged by the non-stop training sessions. When athletes undergo training on successive days for an extended period, the resulting overuse, lousy judgment, and fatigue make injuries foreseeable. Such injuries require unique sports massage and injury therapy to recuperate. Guarantee you get the prescribed rest between training periods.

Warm up your muscles

Warm-ups are the secret to any physical training as they provide reliable protection from injuries. Guarantee you choose the appropriate heat up workouts. It need not be anything fancy. You can do any of the following:


  • Start your sport at a slow rate

  • Practice workouts for extending that are specific to your game

  • Perform mental practice session based on the activity

Cool off after a game

Cooling off is the reverse of the warm-up tip mentioned above. This is another injury avoidance strategy that assists to accomplish the following:

  • Flush out toxins produced during the training

  • Return the heart rate, breathing, and high blood pressure to the pre-training levels.

  • When you cool down for a span of around 10 minutes, you can restrict the muscle discomfort that occurs otherwise

In addition to the above tips, keeping your body hydrated and taking the needed proteins will assist maintain your health and limit the event of muscle cramps. The indomitable nature of an excellent diet which matches your workout routine the desired manner should never be overlooked. Likewise, integrating a regular extending and strength training regimen will assist in making the body accustomed to the rigorous training sessions. All the very best in your endeavours!


Where to Find Pilates Method Illustrations

The Pilates Method is a form of exercise that involves more than 500 exercises, originally developed by Joseph Pilates himself. It is known throughout the world as a series of controlled movements that aim to improve the flexibility and strength or condition of the body.

With a number of exercises involved in the Pilates Method, it could be puzzling if you will just follow what the instructions are saying for the proper movements. It may be hard to follow the movements without any guide Pilates Method illustrations. Due to this fact, more and more people who got interest on Pilates are now looking for some Pilates Method illustrations to guide them in their training. Fortunately, there are a lot of sources out there for these illustrations.

Now, if you are one of those people who are still puzzled on where to find the best Pilates Method illustrations, then I would suggest you to search online. But, where exactly online? Well, read on.

ShapeFit is in the first place the Internet’s premier health and fitness web site. This is run by individuals who are dedicated to providing the people with health and fitness related information to lose weight and get in the best shape of their lives. As part of their service, ShapeFit provides a lot of information regarding the Pilates Method. Of course, the basics of Pilates are provided, including the history and benefits.

Since Pilates is a series of controlled movements, ShapeFit also considered the Pilates exercises. Perhaps what is best about this site is that they presented these exercises along with Pilates Method illustrations. The exercises are even categorized according to the ability of the practitioner. Thus, you will be informed about the exercises required for the beginners, intermediates, and advanced users.

Along with the Pilates Method illustrations, ShapeFit provides step-by-step instructions for the proper movements. The purpose of exercise and some tips are even provided to better answer the person’s Pilates needs.

Union Square Pilates is but another great site to visit for the Pilates Method illustrations. As far as I know, the Union Square Pilates is an authentic Pilates Studio well-known for its being brand new, well-lighted, clean and fully equipped. Almost all of the necessary Pilates equipments can be found here, including the reformers, Cadillac, wall units, wonder chair, big barrel, mini barrel, and spine collector.

Aside from presenting those equipments, Union Square Pilates presents certain Pilates Method illustrations that could best describe not only the movements, but also the equipment used. Here you will be informed about the right positions of exercises done on the reformer. Also, there are Pilates Method illustrations for the wunda chair and Cadillac exercises. The illustrations are even presented in great quality. So, if you want to know how great this site is, just see it for yourself.